My Service to God and Country
Sunday, January 04, 2004
Well here I sit in a very lonely place waisting my life away while my wife is at work. Today's high is 13 below zero with a lot of snow on the ground. For one who has been around the world and practically in every state in the union, now just existing my life in far North Dakota seems like a huge let-down for me.
Back in 1982 while living in Crescent City in Northern California my life had such a great outlook to it. I became a Christian, belonged to a great church, and had many friends and a lot of work to do. Then I began attending the Church of the Nazarene and my home church was a wonderful experience. Then I took off to Colorado Springs to attend Bible College. I didn't like the place very much because the staff was so holier then thou attitude. My first church was in Peoria, Il. Unknown to me at the time it had a great sin problem and a very poor witness in the community. After one year, I came down with terminal cancer and for the next year, I fought for my life. After I was cured I took a church in Nortn Dakota.
For eight years I pastored a church in a smalll farm community. I helped out in many different areas through-out the state when I got sick again with cancer and had to retire.
Now after four attacks i finally got the one that has no cure. So now only treatments will keep the cancer at bay and prolong my life.
But what makes it hard is that no one ever visits us. All the hard work that I did for othewrs, never came back to me in kind. Thus, with my three daughters now married and moved out of state we are alone.

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